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Son or Daughter Going to College?

Son or Daughter Going to College?

Is your son or daughter going to college this semester? Help get them off to a good start by giving them Dorm Mom services ( Serving thousands of college students across the United States, Dorm Mom provides weekly laundry pick up and delivery to residence hall at over 1800 colleges. We wash, dry and fold, iron, dry clean, providing hang-to-dry services and hand washing.

Going to College is one of the biggest decisions or investments your son or daughter is going to make for themselves. For most first year students it is going to be a lot of first, especially the first time away from home, which means doing their own chores such as laundry, cleaning, and cooking if they live off campus. This leaves no time for the most important reason for going to College – academics. Doing your own laundry does not make you an adult. Succeeding in college far exceeds doing a mundane task as laundry. Most students spend an average of 3 hours per week doing laundry.

Son or Daughter Going to College? The Gift of Laundry Could Ease Their Life

It has been said that the first year of College is the most difficult or challenging for new students going to college for the first time and rightfully so.  There are so many adjustments to be made and students are introduced to new facets of life – new environment, getting adjusted to classes, juggling school and work, etc. The last thing they should be worry about is chores such as laundry and apartment cleaning. This is where Dorm Mom comes in to keep new students on task with what is most important and that is their course work.

Dorm Mom laundry service is a professional wash, dry and fold service for students, faculty and other busy professionals. We would pick-up your laundry on an agreed schedule and have it done and returned within 48 hours. The service is available on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as needed basis.

Son Or Daughter Going to College
Overwhelmed with Laundry

Students who use Dorm Mom services perform better in school because these services provide more time for study and leisure activities. Please visit Dorm Mom ( or call toll free at 1-877-478-5332 find out more information or sign-up.

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