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Cornell University Laundry Pick Up & Delivery Service

Cornell University Laundry Pick Up & Delivery Service

Dorm Mom provides Laundry Pick Up & Delivery Services to college campuses across the United States including Cornell University. A lot of students at Cornell University use Dorm Mom’s Laundry Services for to take the load off the mundane task of doing laundry weekly. Laundry is picked up and dropped off from the residence halls and off campus apartments.

Laundry Pick Up and Delivery

The service includes wash, dry and fold, dry cleaning, ironing, delicate items handling, etc. When picked up, we process the laundry at our facility and returned back within 48 hours.

Laundry Pick Up Days and Times

On Mondays and Tuesdays, Laundry is picked up at Balch Hall, Clara Dickson Hall,Court-Kay-Bauer Hall, High Rise #5, Jameson Hall, Low Rise #6, Low Rise #7, Mary Donlon Hall, Mews Hall and Townhouse Community.
Laundry Pick Up at Clara-Dickson Laundry Pick Up at Court-Kay-Bauer Laundry Pick Up at Balch
On Wednesdays and Thurdays, we service Cascadilla Hall, 112 Edgemoor, Schuyler House,Sheldon Court, and the West Campus Housing System (Alice Cook House & Language House, Carl Becker House, Hans Bethe House, William Keeton House, Flora Rose House, 122 McGraw Place)
Laundry at college include a lot of hassles. Some hassles with doing your own laundry in college include:
  • Wait in line to do your laundry – could be very long for some residence halls
  • Lack of respect or care for others’ laundry; trying walking away and your laundry is done – it will be in the trash
  • Your laundry could be stolen if you are not watchful
  • Dirty washers and dryers could stain your clothing items
  • Items that need hand wash or hang to dry may be a pain with roommates and hallmates
  • Campus washers and dryers could break from excessive use and may take a couple of days to be fixed
  • Need your underwear, bras and other delicate items air-dried?
  • Who brings an iron to college?
Dorm Mom takes the hassle out of doing laundry by coming to your residence hall or off campus apartment every week to provide laundry pick up and delivery.
Pricing is very reasonable at $1.68 per pound of Laundry. For more information visit Dorm Mom or call 1-877-478-5332

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